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The EduMat+ project partnership made contacts with web sites focusing on the field of school education. The EduMat+ project was presented to the web masters and a link to The EduMat+ project portal was made so that those who will access the selected web sites can also access, through a direct link, the The EduMat+ project portal.


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Pixel is partner in the EduMat+ project. Pixel website provides information about the project together with a direct link to the Portal. Users from Universities, Associations, Public bodies, Training Agencies, Schools, participants in the International Conferences on Education and people interested in the seminars/masters visit Pixel website (estimated visits are around 12.000 users each year). They may now learn about and benefit from the EduMat+ project.


EuroEd Primary School includes a Kindergarten founded in 1995 and a primary school founded in 1997. Both are accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education.It promotes the European dimension of education which has become part of the ethos and culture of the school. Therefore, it mainly encourages multiculturalism and multilingualism by providing education to children of different nationalities or belonging to different ethnic groups.